Pastoral Council

Kim Boltri


May Kate Conway

Mary Scicchitano


Teshia Gutchell

Lisa Biega

Margaret Schutten


Debbie Depoalo

Eric Walter

MISSION OF THE COUNCIL The Pastoral Council is a visionary body rooted in prayer and is responsible for the pastoral life and ministry of the parish through participation and cooperation within the Parish community and the community in which we live so as to be a means for the encouragement and guidance for all to live out the mission of Christ, namely, to bring the Good News of God’s love for His people.  The mission of The Council shall be to help the Pastor/PLD in fostering pastoral activity and vision for the parish community. The primary responsibility of the Council is visionary pastoral planning. The pastoral council, in other words, is meant to be a partnership on the part of the pastor/parish life director, the parish staff, and the parish representatives, which gives witness not only to what the parish is, but especially to what the parish is called to be.  (Adapted from “We Are His Priestly People: A Pastoral Letter” by Bishop Howard Hubbard; p.12) This partnership is in the form of advice and practical assistance in envisioning and implementing the pastoral life and ministry of the parish through: PRAYER AND WORSHIP – the essence and the practice of our relationship with God.

  1. CHRISTIAN SERVICE/OUTREACH: to reach out to parish members by promoting and envisioning programs that will assist in their human development and fulfillment, as well as reaching out to the community at large.
  2. FAITH FORMATION/EV ANGELIZATION: to nurture the spiritual development of all parishioners as well as others in the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  3. STEWARDSHIP: fostering the stewardship responsibilities of all parishioners through time, talent and treasure, to fulfill the above purposes in the community.

    In its consultative capacity, the Council makes recommendations, fosters cooperation in the consideration of alternatives, and helps to implement the decisions reached.